Qualified Opportunity Zones "QOZ"

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Chris Conrad Discusses QOZ

Why Invest in a QOZ?

QOZs continue to be an important incentive for real estate investors, providing a possible double tax break. Watch this video from QOZ expert, Chris Conrad, who talks about the investment opportunity and tax incentives available.


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QOZs are available across the U.S. The Smith and Howard QOZ team understands the intricacies and complexities associated with QOZs and leverages our expertise to identify and capitalize on this time sensitive opportunity. 

Exploring QOZs as a Tax Strategy

QOZs allow investors to use other strategies in tandem with the tax breaks. This is where the ability to layer tax ideas on top of each other really comes into play. Opportunities are big, but there is a risk if they're not executed properly and the ideal structuring for QOZs is not a straightforward consideration. 


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